Little Doggy Daycare & Home Boarding

Little Doggy Daycare & Home Boarding


Home boarding & Day care for small dogs




  07812 800831 

  Fully licenced & Insured 
  Licence 5 star rated

  No 18/14923/ANIMAL 

Our aim is to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care and to create an environment as near to his/her home...

What we have to offer:

  • Trustworthy dog care in our home for small dogs only
  • Domestic property situated on a securely fenced acre of land
  • Dogs exercised on our own property
  • Established 2007
  • Access to all areas of our home
  • Supervised at all times 

   Sorry we do not take terriers other than Yorkies, Maltese or similar....
Doggy guests must be:

  • Able to socialise with other dogs
  • Fully vaccinated and treated yearly for kennel cough 
  • Treated regularly for worms & fleas
  • Dogs must be spayed or castrated
  • Dogs own food to be provided by clients 

  Meet and Greet

Prior to any bookings being taken we ask that you make an appointment to come along and meet us .

On your visit please bring along your dog/s and their vaccination record/s.

If you wish to proceed with a booking you are required to complete a questionnaire and vet authority form.

You will also be required to bring your dog for at least two visits before your dog can be boarded with us, preferably for a day visit and then an overnight stay. This is to ensure that your dog gets to know us and gets used to being left with us.
It also gives us the opportunity to assess your dog to see if they are suitable as no aggressive dogs will be taken . 

We put a lot of care into introducing dogs to each other. This is a gradual process and depending on your dog's reactions they may not meet all the dogs on their first visit to us.
On any future visits all dogs are always introduced gradually to any other dogs who are on our premises.    

My husband Shaun and some of our guests...
My husband Shaun and some of our guests...